Successful Business Owner Paying Too Much In Taxes

Are You A Successful Business Owner And Totally Frustrated By The Amount You Pay In Taxes?

Tax compliance is not the same as tax planning. Your CPA or tax preparer may check all the right boxes to help keep you out of trouble, but that’s not enough! This is merely tax compliance. To save money, you need a tax planning strategy.

Keeping the most of what you make is important to your business, and we want that too. We can find the missing opportunities that may be costing you thousands in taxes every year.

Meet Eric Runge!

Eric Runge is a Team-Based Model specialist who has been in the financial planning industry for 17 years. With his unique skill set, Eric specializes in helping accountants discover and solve the biggest problems plaguing the tax industry, including tax-season burnout, low company revenues, and having too many clients. Eric is married to Renee, and they have 2 children, Judah and Rillian, with another currently on the way. Eric is a third-generation Oregonian, and in his off-time enjoys whitewater kayaking, playing the drums, and Civil War history.

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