Living and Working According To Your Values

Live Your Truth and Transform Your Life!

Living your life in accordance with your values may mean discarding old values, beliefs, or ways of life that have been parted on you by others. Everyone lives their life by some sort of internalized moral code. However, many people don’t take the time to sort out what they really believe in. Because of this, we often feel conflicted when deciding how to make regular choices about time, money, and personal decisions within our lives and our career.

To sort through these conflicts and get to the bottom of what we truly value, there are several big questions we have to ask ourselves - and that work isn’t easy! That’s why I created this challenge as a way to help others discover what’s in their minds and their hearts.

During this discussion-based group, I’ll be discussing how mindful strategies and other action steps can help you tune into your moral code and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Meet Eric Runge, The Facilitator of Living and Working According To Your Values

Eric Runge is a Team-Based Model specialist who has been in the financial planning industry for 17 years. With his unique skill set, Eric specializes in helping accountants discover and solve the biggest problems plaguing the tax industry, including tax-season burnout, undesirable company revenues, and too many clients. Eric is married to Renee, and they have 2 children, Judah and Rillian, with another currently on the way. Eric is a third-generation Oregonian, and in his off-time enjoys whitewater kayaking, playing the drums, and Civil War history.

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This is your Opportunity to Truly Get to Know Yourself

One of the most common regrets that people have has to do with not living by one’s values and instead, living by others’ expectations. That’s why I’ll be addressing the importance of working with your OWN moral compass instead of relying on the ideas and beliefs of those who raised you or are surrounding you now.

If you’ve found yourself feeling anxious, sad, or generally uneasy about the way you carry out your days and the direction that you’re moving in, then it’s probably a good thing that you’ve stumbled upon this opportunity!

This challenge is your chance to dedicate some time to examine your life in a way that can positively shape your future and help guide you through the ups and downs that will inevitably come.

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I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, February 6th